How It Feels*

Nov 13, 2010 by

By day

Good friends, warm thoughts

I said a prayer for you

I’m wrapped in it, all the goodness

It doesn’t feel like cancer to me

By night

Cool sheets, warm quilt

I’m held by so much love

No sorrow, no regrets

It doesn’t feel like cancer to me

We love you

We believe

We hope

We can’t imagine

We cried

We rallied

We’re here

Little hands and sweet small face that shouldn’t even be here

Touch my cheeks, hug my neck

Remind me what can be

It doesn’t feel like cancer to me

*See Updates for the reason for this post

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  1. Beautiful, Serenity! You are such an inspriration & blessing to us all!

  2. I love you so much! And this poem is perfect!

  3. You are incredible, and so are your words! <3

  4. #noroomforcancerhere



  5. Wonderful.

    Thanks for being you.

    Uncle Kris

  6. Oh, my goodness. So rich!

  7. The thing I wish most in the world is that I could give you a real hug in person. Please, keep us updated.

  8. sarah

    Always praying for you. Sttrength, courage. And faith. You are beautiful.

  9. Ever since I’ve heard your news, I’ve been praying this for you: “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

  10. Deana

    I feel so blessed to call you friend!

  11. dad

    That poem almost makes the monsters seem toothless……shhh..I’m reloading. dad

  12. Carol York

    Beautiful – the picture, the words and the hope

  13. Chelsea Moore

    You have the victory.

  14. You make me feel brave.

  15. Love. So much love to you.

  16. you’re so awesome!!!

  17. I have never read any of your poetry, and what an amazing poem to start with, wow. So beautiful and powerful.

  18. This poem + you picture = your beauty — inside and out!! I love you so much Serenity and you are daily in my prayers!!

  19. Serenity

    Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts and your kindness and the sweet things you’ve commented here. I thought this would be a good step back into blog-land.

  20. JB

    Serenity, it’s Sunday and I’m just now having a minute to read your words. I was feeling helpless. But now I am strengthened. Funny you should have to “strengthen” me. It should be the other way around. You have so many friends and family praying for you. Your health, your peace, your comfort. We are also praying for Michael and the boys. And I know that your mom and dad and the rest of us will also feel the power of God’s love through all of this. I feel the only way I can really help is to keep things as normal as possible for the boys and do whatever you and Michael need me to do. But please know, that trying to keep the daily routine flowing, in no way minimizes what you are going through. We know. Kent and I love you. We love Michael. We love John, Drew, and Jake. So let us remind you how strong you are and how amazing. You are much stronger than you realize. An inspiration to us all. With God’s help you will get through the coming days. And we will all be winners!

  21. Love. So much love to you.

  22. Anna

    I read a comment today that en*COURAGE*ment is when we speak out to give others COURAGE. There is that element in your writing that makes others say “if she can, I can too.” Blessings to you today.