To the Artists…Thank You

Apr 27, 2011 by

This post was inspired by my friends and family members who’ve taken on a challenge this week to write one song every day. And it was written while I pushed play and replay again and again on the song below by my sister Charity Long and her husband.

Dan White at danieljohnmusic has links to all the other goodness in case you’re hooked.


Dear Artist, Writer, Musician, Creator…

Thanks for pouring your sweat and tears into that painting I couldn’t stop staring at, feeling I was inside, hoping what’s inside me means as much.

Thanks for writing that song late at night after spending what you thought was all the energy you had on loving and caring for your kids, chasing them one more time around the room, reading them Goodnight Moon until you could recite it backwards. The chasing forever changed them. The song forever changed me.

Thanks for spending your days in dark rooms, tiny offices, old studios, and locations far away from home to produce that book or film I’ll turn to again and again for laughter on a Monday, encouragement after a sorrow, hope when hope seems lost, courage when I feel like giving up.

You work so hard where we can’t see you. You press through your own pain or trouble, the fact that it’s easier not to try, the reality that there are plenty of other things to do. And then you put that work out into the world, knowing some of us might stand right up and squash it. There might be criticism, those who love it might not praise enough. You take that risk, because you hope it will find the ones, at least one, who’ll understand. That even though they didn’t see the blood, the sweat, the tears, they’re moved as if they had.

Thank you for inspiring me to create every day, to pour myself out too, knowing that it’s what I’m meant to do, even if I cannot do it only. It’s nice to picture you there, writing the next song that will play behind my tears while I write the next sentence toward a finished something, a thing I’ll eventually put out there too, because you were brave and did it first.

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  1. You’re welcome and right back at ya! : )

  2. Loved this. Not that I am one of those “great” ones but your comment, the fact that it’s easier not to try, totally brought some reality. There are so many creators that push through and we are blessed by them! Great post!

  3. Oh yeah, Baby. Some days it is much easier not to try. Thanks for reminding us to not give into that urge.

    And thanks to all the artists!(including you)

  4. This was so beautiful.

  5. I love this. And I know I should comment and tell you more often, but your writing really inspires me…. especially knowing all you have been through. You probably know you inspire the people who are right there close to you. But just remember you are also touching people who are far away and you don’t even really know we’re reading and growing and daring to do more and try more because we’ve read your words.

  6. Anna

    Artists take all the things I’m feeling inside and put flesh on them. You expressed that so eloquently. Thank you.

  7. Serenity

    That’s amazing encouragement, Tracy. Thank you! It’s thrilling to try and encourage an audience I can’t actually see and then hear that maybe I did.

    And I’m so glad I wasn’t alone in this thankful thought. Creativity really is such a treasure.

  8. That video (and song!) was in-credible. So moved by that! Thanks for sharing, Seren, and beautiful post as always :)


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