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My Oscar tradition with Michele Anderson began one year when our rabbit ears on top of our tv in our little apartment just would not pick up the ABC station that was literally less than a mile away. I chose her for many reasons. I knew she wouldn’t mind watching them, at the very least. And at best, I kind of figured she would Get It. I just didn’t realize how much she would.

This year Michele is moving a few hours away. She says I should keep coming every year anyway, but just in case this year she did it big. Usually I balk at dressing up too much for the show because the only way to enjoy the fact that you’re watching from home instead of from the Kodak Theater is to glory in the fact that you can wriggle your toes and cover up with a blanket and eat through the entire program and other such luxuries not available to the poor women who are actually there and in shape-wear and heels.

But when I walked into Michele’s glamorous room, draped with black (thank you, Scott!) and drenched with Oscar goodness, I changed my mind.

Here are other things I loved about the 84th Annual Academy Awards (that’s two years older than Christopher Plummer, who got his first Oscar last night and skyrocketed me one point closer to winning the ballot game).

Billy Crystal. They never should have let him go.

All my Clark Gables were there (a la Judy Garland singing, “Dear Mr. Gable…You made me love you…I didn’t want to do it…”): George Clooney, Brad Pitt (he’s from Missouri – I’m drawn to him), and Tom Cruise (he did what? he jumped on Oprah’s couch and weirded everyone out with his religion, which was invented by a science fiction author? I never heard about it….).

THE MONTAGES. You know I always love these. I think in montages. I pretend I’m living one. And in this case, besides the In Memoriam and the movie clips, I adored the Magic of the Movies black-and-white video interviews with fellow movie lovers popular actors. Adam Sandler’s truth, Reese Witherspoon admitting to how happy she gets watching Overboard! (YES and ditto), and all of them talking about how hard they try to do it well and how in awe they are when their peers so beautifully manage it.

Meryl Streep thanking her husband first, because when she saves him for last the music cuts it off, horribly diminishing the fact that he’s the most important one.

Angelina’s leg. Ha! Just kidding. Though if I HAD that leg, I’d probably pose that way too. And honestly, I did like it. It was sort of a sassy reflection of my own delight in the evening. Plus, I’m that girl whom in this context is really, really hard to displease. I LIKED JAMES FRANCO LAST YEAR. That’s the depth of my unwillingness to discern when it comes to this show.

Our hostess, on the right

Penelope Cruz, Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Gweneth Paltrow, Octavia Spencer, Michelle Williams, and Jessica Chastain – some of my favorite looks.

Cirque du Soleil. That was are-you-kidding me cool.

And – this one will kill you – this is where we separate the fans from, well, me. I love the fact that it wasn’t one second shorter than four hours. That length of time only barely satisfies, and I always feel a wee bit sad when that legendiest of celebrities comes out to announce best picture.

I swear my Monday was better because of these things. It was just so nicely backdropped – or maybe saturated really – with that wonderful thing they call the Magic of Movies.

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  1. Because I knew you celebrated this Oscar night in a big way, I chose to do so too. (hence the text with the flowers picture) and……oh man did it deliver. I LOVE Billy Crystal. And Octavia’s reaction to winning. And Meryl Streep. And montages. And Reese confirming that I am not the only one that loves “Overboard”. I could go on…..but I think you understand. This Oscar night celebration will now be a tradition in my house. “I’d like to thank the Academy…..” =)

    • Serenity

      Eee! I’m so happy you’re in on the tradition too. Maybe some year we’ll be in the same place. And here’s a fun tidbit. Your number was mysteriously NOT in my phone and I couldn’t place that area code. I showed it to Felic, and she said, “Is it Tiff maybe?” That’s how much you’re part of us, Baby!

  2. So wonderful. I watched the show with a bunch of my girlfriends – we didn’t dress up but we snacked and laughed and squealed through the whole thing. The entire night was magic. (And oh, how I loved Colin Firth saying all those wonderful things to the Best Actress nominees.)

    I always think of you now on Oscar night, Seren. So glad you had a fabulous time.

    • Serenity

      Oh, THANK you for adding Colin Firth to my list. Our room reacted dramatically just seeing him walk on stage.

  3. Perfect. My only addition would be Christopher Plummer’s mention of his wife and the screenwriter of The Descendant’s pointing out his “mother from Omaha” because she told him it was the right thing to do! :) All of course made more special because of Michelle’s hospitality – especially those cheese/pear appetizers!!!

    • Serenity

      Mmmmmm, the appetizers. And do you know he’d already won and thanked his wife before it finally clicked (AGAIN – bc I know this has “finally clicked” for me before) that he is Captain Von Trapp.

  4. All your favorite moments were definitely mine, as well. I also loved the extra tid bits they mentioned while a winner was walking on stage. Beyond “This is their 16th nomination and 2nd win.” I loved the father/daughter who won best short and the announcer lady said “the entire crew for the film was made up of family and friends”. I felt proud of Alexander Payne, not because I love his films so much (Up In The Air was so extremely depressing. I’m guessing The Descendants will have a similar feel) but because he’s from Omaha AND he mentioned Omaha. We have a few oscar winners in my city and it makes me feel cool and proud.

    Also, I loved Emma Stone’s presentation! I thought it was so funny. Those presentations are usually just awkward. Her’s was great.

  5. OH! I was also so happy for the Muppet’s song guy to win best song! Admittedly, there were only two songs in that category….what?!!! But I felt proud of him, and loved the look on Jason Segel’s face while Flight of the Concords guy was accepting the award.

    • Serenity

      Yeah, what the heck with only two song nominations? Remember the year Beyonce sang almost all the nominated songs, all in completely different styles and I was all Ohhhhh, she’s freaking amazing, I didn’t realize. Also, yes, yes, yes to Emma Stone. I can’t believe I didn’t mention that part. There are certain types I must have for a satisfying Oscars experience, and the delighted I’m-new-here-and-loving-it girl is one of them. Also, yay for Omaha!

  6. It was full of so many golden moments! And I’m with Charity on Emma Stone – best presenter of the night. Oh, and I also loved Jean Dejaurdin and his GLEE.

    • Serenity

      Yes! Thank goodness for comments – I was way too brief in my list of good things.