Where to Find a Hero

Nov 4, 2016 by

Sometimes I need only two things in life: stories, and my children to unveil the life truths within them.

See this post in which my oldest is less than 5 and teaches me the journey actually is the destination. Or this post about how bad guys have the best stuff, but good guys win.

And now this gem of a conversation from Jake, who’s ten very grown up years but still with all the life-delight of a child. He asked if I thought there would basically be an infinite number of Star Wars movies now. Yep, I said. “I thought so,” he agreed. “Because there will always be a Sith, and there will always be a Padowan learner.”


As I dove headfirst into the poetry of that, Jake adds this: “Have you ever noticed the hero is always living on a deserted planet?” Yes, I said. Because that is all of us. Invisible, insignificant, but capable of and one inciting event away from greatness.

I forget to be faithful on Tattooine and Jakku sometimes. I want to fight something greater than the battle of Bedford Falls. Jake’s wide-eyed understanding of the always-ness of those beautiful heroes in obscurity has settled me again.

To be where I am. To be good at it and kind and available. Anything might happen, and maybe nothing all that noticeable will. It’s just nice to trust, no matter how insignificant we feel, the story knows where to find us.

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  1. “Have you ever noticed the hero is always living on a deserted planet?” Oh, my Lord in Heaven. This goes to my soul! I mean that literally. Jesus walking along the seashore. Two brothers going fishing. “Hey guys, wanna change the world with me?” That kind of thing.

    Then I went back and read the linked blogs, and now I am crying again!

  2. Anna

    That is rich stuff right there. I went back and read your previous posts as well. Given the state of our troubled communities, nation, and world, I’m taking heart that there are men in the making with parents such as you. And I’m just gonna keep walking around in my bathrobe a little longer today.