MY NAME IS SERENITY BOHON. I’m a writer & a mama. I survive cancer occasionally.  I am a shameless fan of Hollywood – not the geography but the movies, the Academy Awards, the people who bring us these things, and pretty much any red carpet event. Movies are stories, and stories insist there is meaning. I relate to this because the search for meaning is the story of my life.

I HAVE THREE SONS, and they are all in The Yearbook Years, which I love. They’re sweet, gorgeous boys whom I consider God’s precious reward for how much I’ve always liked the gender. I share the beautiful children with my childhood sweetheart, which is just the first and best dream come true of my LIFE.

My first book is THE THANK YOU ROOM, my true story of cancer and how we survive together. I am happily repped by the wonderful Holly Root for future books.

I believe happiness lies in simplicity…simplifying what we need, what we want, what we have, and how we fill our time.

I DREAM BIG, BUT I’M GRATEFUL. And I’m just trying to matter. (Reese Witherspoon said this in an Oscar acceptance speech. She was quoting June Carter Cash.)