Hello Tuesday

Sep 10, 2013 by

Before kids, it’s TGIF. After kids, TGIM. -someone on Twitter yesterday It’s not true for me, but it made my Monday more bearable. There is a certain relief when we all return to routine and the banks are open again. In the spirit of that momentum, a few of this week’s goals: Order more copies of THE THANK YOU ROOM for my local bookstore to sell. (Done, baby.) (And my local bookstore is selling my books!) Read more poetry with Jake. I really want to order the collection put together by Caroline Kennedy, but tonight a collection put together by kids worked just as well…Oh, the girl whose classmates saw her underpants and this conclusion she’s drawn: “I wish they had not seen them, but I’m glad I had them on.” I went to...

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Staging the Comeback

Mar 26, 2013 by

In the words of Andrew Bohon circa the year he was three just after ripping from the delicate skin of his forehead a sticky bandage that probably had not been needed in the first place: Well. THAT was berry hard. A lot has happened since I wrote last. I endured the streptapocalypse of 2013 in which my throat added insult to injury with days worth of canker sores on top of the actual illness. I wasn’t quite over that when I flew to Michele’s house (that’s Michele of Chapter 5 in my book) for the annual Oscar bash. It was a quick but delightful and restful visit I intend to duplicate someday without the raging throat pain. Soon after, I waltzed (fairly) bravely into the hospital for my second lung surgery and soon after...

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Printed, Bound, and Perfect

Oct 22, 2012 by

I read an essay today about how some things are perfect just the way they are, and that includes books. Pages, covers, binding, and glue. The author of this essay wanted nothing to do with an e-reader. (Follow the link by @katiengibson to read it.) I guess in my heart I pretty much agree, so I am declaring tomorrow, October 23, 2012, the official release day for the print versions of my little book, THE THANK YOU ROOM. The paperback is a nice paperback-sort-of-size. I have seen it, and I approve. It was done by CreateSpace.com. You can find it on Amazon as well (including Amazon Europe!). The hardcover features a beautiful dust jacket designed by Scribbles & Scribes, Ink. I have seen this one too. It came to my doorstep today, and it...

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All About STORY

Sep 26, 2012 by

You know what I don’t do enough of around here? Who, what, when, and where. I write almost every post with the assumption that I’m talking to Mom, you lovely people who comment regularly, and a few kind members of my old community and my new one who’ve told me they check in most of the time.  And then I’m not even that thorough for them. I rarely say a name in place of “my friend” or a time and a brand in place of “the other day at the store”. I throw out anecdotes about teachers and preachers and my workplace and the things I want to do more than anything else in the world – all with a huge cloud of vague. I do it for many reasons – but two important...

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Creativity Abounds and The Emmys Happened...

Sep 24, 2012 by

If you’ve been here before, you may know I consider it a mandate of my obsession to debrief my readers on recent awards shows, how brightly the fashion shone, and how deeply I was inspired by this speech or that one or the video montage set to the theme from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. (That happened. That song makes anything matter.) And I did, indeed, glue myself to a chair before the 64th Annual Emmy Awards. I enjoyed Julianne Moore’s neon dress and Tina Fey’s Grecian silhouette and Julie Bowen’s every blond and dewy detail. I loved the bit where Julia Louis-Dreyfus read Amy Pohler’s acceptance speech “by mistake” and the one where Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert tried to keep Jon Stewart from the stage. I loved the stage and the montages before...

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Faith is for Leaping

Apr 27, 2012 by

Now that I’m a published author my fans keep asking, “What are you working on now?” Just kidding. No one asks me that. But it would be a good lead-in to today’s post. With my writing, I want to tell stories. That is, I want to write fiction. And in case you have also been told that you have a knack for stringing words together and you think you can therefore write the great American novel, you should try it. It’s HARD. Writing and storytelling are not the same thing. Still, I’m trying. Which led to my first manuscript, Dear Hollywood. Dear Hollywood is the story of a girl who wants to be famous. She’s certain of that, but she’s having trouble taking the leap she’s pretty sure she’ll need to take in order to...

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Fortune Cookies

Apr 2, 2012 by

The other day, driving home from a day trip out of town, I realized the bed of the white truck several car lengths ahead had lost one of its clear plastic bags filled with something the color of bread. It probably was bread. But it made a lovely pop when I drove over it, and the pieces that burst from inside looked like giant pieces of fortune cookies. Today I started a new job in a new shirt and new shoes. And when I got there my new boss had a welcome card for me and a sweet little plant called a Money Tree. When she opened a supply cabinet and revealed shiny new ink pens in Tiffany blue, I knew it was a sign. (Tiffany’s is my signature color.) Besides this, I will...

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