That Stage Though

Mar 4, 2017 by

They all say it: I’ve worked so hard for this, I’ve dreamed of this since I was six years old, last year I watched this show from a bar across the street….. I watch them say it from the couch in my pajamas, and I raise a glass, because I hear ya, sister friend. There are way more bars across the street than there is room on that stage.

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How to Measure Enough

Nov 4, 2015 by

Let’s get right to the switch for this bait: I have no idea how to measure enough.

I have a picture in my head of what enough looks like for me. It is very pretty. It has to do with totally liking my day – that’s pretty much it.

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Confessions of an Occasional Introvert...

Sep 2, 2015 by

I used to be an extrovert. Audacious, someone told me once. And they said it like this, “You used to be.”

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When to Hold ‘Em

Jul 29, 2010 by

Dear John, Drew, and Jake. Do you remember learning about this race horse, Man O’War? Here you are in front of his statue – life-size, which is almost but not quite as amazing as the length of his stride, which we found at another place in the park. We stopped here, the Kentucky Horse Park, on our way from Florida July 2010, and I’m hoping you’ll remember it. The story of Man O’War is extremely inspiring, isn’t it? Because Man O’War stood out from so many other horses, even other amazing ones. He only lost one race in his career – only one. That’s difficult to even fathom. And I remember one of the sign posts in front of this statue said that many of Man O’War’s descendants were really fast too and fairly...

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