10/17/17 Another suspicion-free CT scan in the books. No cancer today.

04/19/16 No cancer today!

10/16/15 Ahh, the precious relief when Dr. Myron tells me there’s no suspicion of recurrence. Six more months to worry about – you know – lots of things, but not cancer!

04/16/2015 Another suspicion-free CT scan and the all-clear for six more months!

10/27/2014 Check-up Day! Lab work looked fine. Nothing suspicious on the CT scan of my lungs. Dr. Myron released me for six months before the next check-up. We call this: You don’t have cancer today!

06/17/2014 A complication known as a chyle leak extends the hospital stay and requires a second procedure. After five hours in interventional radiology, we cross our fingers that the chyle leak has been sealed and in the next couple of days learn that it was – thank God. The GREAT NEWS today is the final pathology report from surgery that shows the radiation in January actually did the trick. There was NO EVIDENCE OF RESIDUAL TUMOR in the lung resection.

06/12/2014 Surgery removed the apparent tumor and a portion of both my upper and lower left lobe – less than originally expected.

05/15/2014 It appears the tumor did not react to radiosurgery. Today we met a surgeon who will take care of this by removing the upper lobe of my left lung. Surgery is set and should render me cancer-free again.

01/21/2014 Fourth radiosurgery (with Trilogy technology) completed today! Only time will really tell if this has cured this particular recurrence. The success rate for similar situations is very high. Symptoms were almost nonexistent with this treatment. I heart modern technology. Some of us have all the luck, no?

12/27/13 Although the tumor did not light up on the PET scan, based on my history, my physicians believe it is a recurrence. I was mapped and tattooed today. Stereotactic radiosurgery begins in January. In four sessions, it will take care of the small tumor in my left lung.

11/12/13 CT scan reveals what looks like a local recurrence of the tumor from 2010. Will have a PET scan for further diagnostics.

07/15/13 First check-up post surgery reveals only postoperative changes. #nocancertoday

03/12/13 Surgery successfully removed what turned out to be a recurrence of sarcoma. However, my surgeons were very hopeful this could be it for good. The tumor was very small, and it’s been several years since the original. That gives us hope that the cells in the lung were not very healthy ones and that we’ve seen the last of them. I think I’ll believe that’s true…though I’ll try to live like it’s not. #everymomentcounts

01/29/2013 Onto the surgeon’s table again. :) There is a suspicious spot on my right lung. It will be removed through video-assisted thoracoscopy. If it is sarcoma, as before, the cure will already be done. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and prayers. I am not afraid of the terror of night or the arrow that flies by day. Ps 91.

07/24/2012 NO CANCER!

July 2011, November 2011 , March 2012 (I forgot a few updates in here, but they were all cancer-free!)

04/05/2011 CT scan of my lungs showed post-surgery scarring but NO SIGNS OF CANCER.

11/22/2010 – Looks like I will have chemotherapy after I’ve healed from surgery. We’ll be setting the date for surgery as soon as possible.

11/17/2010 – Today we visited with the thoracic surgeon. He described what the surgery will entail that will remove the two small nodules in my left lung that were found to be cancer. If you’re in the medical field, it’s this: A thoracotomy with two wedge resections with the possibility of cyber knife radiation on one of them if he can’t get to it after all. For the rest of you: An incision under my shoulder blade, the moving and cutting of things that astounds me as something a person can bounce back from, and a few days in the hospital to recover. *The date’s not set yet. *And we still don’t know if or when I’ll have chemotherapy.

11/10/2010 – Got the news that synovial cell sarcoma has recurred in my lungs. We’re waiting to discover the prognosis and the plan, although we believe the former is good.

07/13/2010 – Five Years Cancer Free

April 2008 – Bone biopsy, right shoulder, reveals no cancer – just changes from radiation.

March 2006 – Radiation ends.

January 2006 – Jake Kenneth Bohon is born. Radiation begins.

July 2006 – Surgery successful! Tumor removed. I’ll wait until the baby is born to have radiation.

June 2005 – Pregnant and diagnosed with Synovial Cell Sarcoma in my right shoulder. Read the story here.