The Bright Side

Jul 25, 2016 by

Both parties predicted the direst consequences if the other side won. I’ve just finished a book, and this quote stood out to me. Actually, it thrilled me. You know why? Because it was about the United States presidential election in 1800. Oh the peace of mind I found while reading about the political climate in a brand spankin’ new America, fresh from their revolutionary victory against the oppressive British government and already so divided that good people asked themselves if the baby country could possibly survive it. The book, Dearest Friend by Lynne Withey, is about Abigail Adams, wife of our second president. Throughout the book, good friends grow apart over politics. People cling to their political party and feel actual fear at the thought of the opposing party in power. Abigail herself writes...

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The Relief Behind Door Number Three...

May 25, 2016 by

There are two really good options when you don’t like something. And then, there is a third option, which has recently saved my life.

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